Returns Policy


1.1. While OzCarry has made every effort at the time of publication to ensure the accuracy of the information provided herein, product specifications, configurations, prices, system/component/options availability are all subject to change without notice.

1.2. Product design specifications and colours are subject to change without notice and may vary from those shown.


1.3. Images displayed on website pages are for illustration purposes only. The images are intended to help illustrate how the function operates and are not indicative of actual relative differences.






2.1. We will repair or replace Goods which fail to comply with the provisions of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010or which show a defect. If you claim that the item is defective, the following conditions apply:


2.1.1 the defect must be reported to us within four weeks of becoming apparent;


2.1.2 the defect results only from faulty design or manufacture;


2.1.3 you have returned the defective Goods or parts to us if we have so requested.


2.2. If we agree that we are liable, we will refund the cost of return carriage and will repair or replace the Goods free of charge.


2.3. If we repair or replace the Goods, you have no additional claim against us either under this agreement or by statute or common law, in respect of the defect.


These provisions apply in the event that you return any Goods to us for any reason:

3.1. We do not accept returns unless there was a defect in the Goods at the time of purchase, or we have agreed in correspondence that you may return them.

3.2. Before you return the Goods to us, please carefully re-read the instructions and check that you have assembled it correctly and complied with any provisions relating to the power supply, plugs and sockets.

3.3. The Goods must be returned to us as soon as any defect is discovered but not later than 15 days.

3.4. So far as possible, Goods should be returned:

3.4.1 with both Goods and all packaging as far as possible in their original condition;

3.4.2 securely wrapped;

3.4.3 including our delivery slip; or manufacturer’s delivery slip

3.4.4 at your risk and cost.

3.5. You must tell us by email message to that you would like to return Goods, specifying exactly what Goods and when purchased, and giving full details of the defect or other reason for return. We will then issue a returns note. If you send Goods to us without a returns note, we may not be able to identify sufficient details to enable us to attend to your complaint.

3.6. In returning faulty Goods please encloses with it a note clearly stating the fault and when it arises or arose.

3.7. Most of the Goods are covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee for a minimum of 12 months. Please first check the plug, fuse, batteries and the manufacturer’s operating instructions.

3.8. If delivery was made to Australian address, you are also protected by the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.

3.9. If we agree that the Goods are faulty, we will:

3.9.1 refund the cost of return carriage;

3.9.2 repair or replace the Goods as we choose.